I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the mechanic who did the service on my Jeep - ball joints, new tires and alignment. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, explained his actions, and worked tirelessly on my front end alignment which proved to be much more difficult than the average vehicle. I personally thanked him and shook his hand but would also like you to recognize his efforts also.


Pete F.



This is just a note to tell you about how well and how professional my wife and I were treated by your people last Wednesday and Thursday.

We had our 2006 Sebring towed in about six PM. We were met by DL Jones on his way out for the day. He immediately stopped; welcomed us, and spent the next hour or so discussing our vehicle problem, the potential cause, and in general calming us during a time of high stress. T he only thing we knew for certain was: we were 700 miles from home, in a town we knew nothing about, and had a broken down car which had all of the symptoms of a blown transmission. His advice was be cool- we'll take care of the situation, and will probably get you back on the road tomorrow. In the meantime, DL arranged for us to get lodging at the Addison Inn, and drove us there.

The next day, about 9:30, DL had me picked up so that I could discuss the mechanical problem with your mechanic, Jacky. And, I also talked again with Debbie who had written up the beginning paperwork for the job the evening before. Obviously, I had told her that I hoped to get back on the road on Thursday. After my meeting with Jacky, one of your people took me back to the motel. At about 12:30 I received a call "the repairs have been made- we'll have someone pick you and your wife up shortly." At one o'clock , we were back on the road, headed back to Sarasota, Florida.

Tim, in our judgment, you have an organization that represents you and your company extraordinarily well. We'll always remember how courteously and professionally we were treated. Who knows" Maybe the next time were headed to Maine on Route 77, we'll stop by and say "hi". After all, DL already has invited us to stay at his mountain place the next time we're in Wilkesboro. (And, maybe he would give us a good trade on the 2006 Sebring, too!)

Be well, and God bless.

John and Pauline W.


This is just a quick note to let you know how happy my wife and I are with the Jeep we bought recently. The main reason I wanted to contact you was to express how grateful we are to David Jones,(D.L.).... With his help and experience it was a an easy and painless process. The best buying experience I ever had. He was the only salesman I met in going to several dealerships over a 3 month period that actually knew his product and sold me on the jeep. He went thru all the options on the jeep, he knew the differences between the 2007's and 2008's,,etc. And after everything was said and done he went to the trouble to wipe down the front of the jeep where we had a piece of added chrome removed,(bug shield), that we didn't like. He is my salesman and when I get ready to buy again, I'll be looking for him. Just wanted to let you know what a value he is, I guess you already know though. Please pass this on to whoever ,,,managers, etc...Thanks again.

Don & Teresa H.


Dear Mr. Harrold,

I appreciate the manner in which you and your people treated me in my recent purchase of a 2011 Chrysler 300C. The deal came together after numerous emails and most importantly with no pressure from your folks.

Your people certainly go the extra mile for the customer. I saw first-hand the going the extra mile in the following experiences:

First, my salesperson, D.L. Jones, knew how to operate all the gadgets on the car and did a great job explaining them to me. He also was cordial and treated me professionally, and when I noted a problem one week after my car purchase, he had Cleve Ray (Empire Body Shop Manager) call me and the problem was resolved very quickly and quietly.

Second, Jody Church (Sales Manager) listened to me when I called him and told him the positives about my experience buying this Chrysler as well as constructive criticism which I had. He certainly appeared to appreciate my feedback.

Third, Cleve Ray is outstanding. He took one look at my car problem and said, "You paid for a new car, and when you come back to pick the car up, you will have a brand new car." He had Enterprise Rental Car come and pick me up and gave me a Dodge Journey to drive back to my home town. He did all of this with great concern and care. Upon my return to pick up my Chrysler, I was pleasantly surprised that the body problem had been taken care of by Cleve. He certainly is plus for your dealerships. You have a well-run body shop.

Fourth, Michael Wyatt in finance certainly knew his stuff. As you know, it is critical to have a knowledgeable person in finance for dealership to make it in these economic times.

Finally, your people are very friendly and made me, the customer, feel appreciated. As I told you, the customer should come first and my problem was taken care of quickly and professionally. I also enjoyed the tour by D.L. Jones to meet the other key people at Empire. Keep up the great work!

John D.


Gary, I appreciate your service. My 2002 Dodge Dakota pickup is special. My husband bought it in 2002 and had driven it 19000 miles before he died in 2003. As you probably noticed It now has a few more than 46000 miles. I enjoy driving it and I strive hard to keep it in good shape.

Frances T.


Hi Gary, It's Kay...I came in with the German Shepherd. Please tell the lady I paid (forgot her name) that Loki was certainly made to feel welcome, and loved his lunch. She got lots of points from me and should be complimented. There were two items that did not get a perfect OK on the car's check list...could you tell me if I need to be concerned. Whenever you get a chance... Oh, and thank you for doing what needs to be done when you change the oil as far as resetting the warning that it needs an oil change. I don't think Wal-Mart knows how to do it on this model Jeep. It bugs me and I went back one time just to make sure they filled it full with enough oil. Maybe you can tell me so I can take the warning off myself the next time if I can't make it to Wilkesboro. Although I will certainly try. Thanks so much!